It is a common misconception that balloons are a plastic product, but latex actually comes from a renewable resource. Harvested from rubber trees, latex balloons are a plant-based product. Latex balloons are 100% biodegradable! Natural rubber balloons have been tested to decompose up to 90% within 2 years. While they are sustainable, their rate of decomposition is still a threat to wildlife if not properly disposed of.

Hip+Hooray does NOT support helium balloon releases. Not properly disposing of your balloons is considered littering and is harmful to the environment. Wildlife may wrongly mistake a balloon for food before it can decompose.

Also be sure that your helium balloons are properly secured at your party to avoid any stray decorations.

Follow these easy steps to properly dispose of your party decorations when the party is over!

1. Pop latex balloons.

2. Place balloons in a sealed bag.

3. Dispose of bag in garbage so the balloons can decompose fully in a landfill.

Using Foil (Mylar Balloons)

Foil balloons are not biodegradable as they are made of nylon and aluminum coating. However, there is a sustainable way to use these balloons as decorations.

By reusing foil balloons, you can continue the party whenever you want!

How to Refill Foil Balloons:

1. Deflate by gently releasing the helium or air from the valve at the bottom of the balloon with a straw.

2. Fold and store in a dry, safe place until the next occasion.

3. Refill and party!

These balloons have a small valve to reinsert a helium nozzle or straw to perk them back up with helium or air.